Thursday, September 10, 2015

What Every Parent Needs to Know about Bringing Baby to San Francisco - Part 2!

ATTENTION MOMS: It’s okay to get out of the house. Nordstrom at Westfield San Francisco Centre is here to help. I don’t know how many times I’ve beelined straight into SF Centre and into Nordstrom’s gold elevators like a woman on a mission since I've become a mom. On the third floor between Savvy and Top Shop departments (past all of that high-end denim I can’t afford since having my little monster) lies the baby diapering beacon known as Nordstrom's Women’s Lounge. 

Oh, peace on Earth, good will to men (especially lazy husbands) that places like these exist for the style-minded. Just behind the discreet doorway are the essentials for baby changing ease. There's a private room with leatherette booths and built-in changing tables (and mirrors to keep baba amused with him or herself). There's also a full-size armchair that can easily be used for nursing. Right outside is the all-purpose lounge area, rows of sinks, and the humanely designed bathroom stalls. The lounge has comfy couches, muted lighting and soothing muzak. In other words feel free to nurse on a couch or park your stroller while you charge your cellphone and baba naps. The bathrooms have wooden doors (that hit the floor) and the whole bathroom area is regularly cleaned. 

The only drawback is that the bathroom stalls. If mama has to "go" they're are a bit too small to fit a stroller  (the handicap one can probably fit a Volo-like umbrella stroller) . But, you can hack it to do your business by putting your stroller (my jogging stroller is gigantic) in front of the wooden stall door--just remember to face your baby out!

Anniversary Sale! Half-Yearly! End-of-Summer Sale! You. Can. Still. Go! Grab that last pair of Como Corso pumps, Mama! Get those Nordie Bucks Triple Points! When your mini-you makes the poo face in Women's Shoes simply call over one of Nordstrom’s super-friendly staff to hold your purchase and pop one flight up on the golden elevator. You’ll be wiping your favorite little bum clean in seconds flat.  Unless you're buddies with a bathroom valet at the Westin St. Francis, this is the GO TO baby bathroom in Union Square area.

HOT TIP: There’s another fully equipped lounge on Nordstrom level 2 between Studio 121 and Men’s Suits. By the way, in case you're wondering, Macy's Union Square cannot touch this.

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