Sunday, May 17, 2009

Filipina via New Yorker returns...*

...from Europa!

Check back soon for part I of Spicy and GSC's food adventures in the UK and on the Continent.

Suet frites in Paris... Veggie haggis in Glasgow's West End... Wild Boar in Lucarelli...

...coming soon.



p.s. where you been this spring? or where you headed this summer? food adventures? leave a comment, and let spicy know!

*Le Menu: Bagels and Lox (I toast and butter my bagels prior to dressing them-- I know this is not traditional!). Deep fried Lumpia Shanghai (mmm... filled with ground pork, onions, carrot, spices) with onion, patis, soy and calamansi dipping sauce. A bed of lettuce soaks up the hot oil and belies a healthy start to the day. (Don't send me lipitor pamphlets just yet, this was a special treat. I actually have low cholesterol!)
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