Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Food, food, food. Food, food, food."

Hello, Friends!

I'm currently working on a post about Giant Sous Chef, but things have been extremely busy around here... I'm working on a food web series, taking a couple classes and waging a silent war against comma and participle abuse. SO, it's been hectic. Chaotic even.

A Taste: Giant Sous Chef calls himself the Big Dog--you know those friendly, dopey dogs that stick their bums in your face while you're watching television. But, mostly, Big Dog's (just like GSC) want your food. You can see it in their big, round eyes and hear it in their sly panting. You may think dogs crave your constant companionship, but don't be fooled. They're 'sessing out your food and your potential to give them food (or drop it near them). Big Dogs have one thing to say to you and anyone in their immediate vicinity, "Food, food, food. Food, food, food."

- Big dogs nuzzle your legs if you smell like bacon. No, they do not love you.
- Big dogs pad into a roomful of diners and size-up the defenseless by staring at them.
- Big Dogs appear the moment they hear a potato chip bag unfurling or cereal hit a bowl.
- Big Dogs are not afraid to drool. They think this will convince you to feed them faster.
- For Big Dogs, FOOD=LOVE.

The same rules apply for Giant Sous Chef. But, he also does lots of human things like cook, clean Spicy's kitchen and fund crazy food adventures. And, of course, Giant Sous Chef Eats...

Want to learn more about him? Check back soon for update.

peace and corn grits,