Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scenes from a Noodle (Soup) Shoot.

SEEN and HEARD, 12.29.10: writer-producer Evelyn R. Manangan sets the scene at the Stirring it Up! shoot while waiting for tram parking at the LA's Getty Center...

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The Canon DSLR captures a steamy angle on Hapa Ramen's Richie Nakano.

Prized pork belly waits in the wings at the Ferry Plaza.

Making of the broth: Hapa Ramen.


HR's Mise en place provides mise on scene for our director and DP, Evelyn and Ted.

More scenes. The HR crew servin' it hot at the Ferry Plaza Tuesday market.

Nakano using his noodle.

Sous Chef Victor stirrin' it up!

Sonia's gets to the heart of the matter at Hapa... fresh ingredients...


Scene by scene with laughs.


Cue chopsticks! Cue soup spoon!

Quivering pork belly deliciousness.

Last shot: Went for an artsy wind-down at the end. Editor-designer Ted and writer-producer Evelyn brainstorm the final flourish using 1080p wide shot, soft vertical wipe & caricature text.

Watch Hapa Ramen in action in the full episode of Stirring it Up! at SONIAHUNT.COM
(All stills courtesy of and Noie Productions)