Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Only Comes Once a Year...


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...but there were other things, too
like rosemary sea salt focaccia...that takes forever to make!

and, maine lobster (which takes no time at all in a big stock pot).

we also had spanish potatoes with smoked paprika or...
...patatas con pimentón ahumado.

but, christmas eve lunch really was all about...

the salad bar
with the fixins...

like pomegranate seeds and valencia orange supremes...
and a bit of goat cheese.

and the microgreens were all dressed up in a meyer lemon vinaigrette.*

Brava! Brava! To the Chef...who was off the next day.

so GIANT SOUS CHEF cooked breakfast...

a dungeness crab scramble with rosemary toast points.

and, a little later spice-E stepped in to make a lobster salad...
... with delicate slices of jamon serrano on the side.

all packed up for the drive down the coast...
...and lunch on the beach in Goleta!


*Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette (i do it 3:1)
- juice of real meyer lemon
- champagne vinegar, to taste
- finely diced shallot
- wild honey, light colored or lavender
- canola oil and-or fine evoo
- fine black pepper, fresh ground
- lemon thyme salt, if you have it