Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Every (New) Parent Needs to Know about Bringing Baby to San Francisco... Part 3.

Natural Resources (1367 Valencia between 24th and 25th) sounds like a spring water brand, but it’s really a not-so-random place in San Francisco’s hip-trendy Mission District where you can nurse your baby in a coven-like circle of comfy rocking chairs, drop in for diaper changing, find out his/her current weight, test-drive all kinds of baby-carrying equipment and so much more!

The semi-cheerful staff is there to help you, and I’ve even been offered a (free) beverage while nursing. When I tested baby-carriers they ended up double-checking my baby-carrying technique in the Ergo, and gave me pointers so that it was much more comfortable for me and baba. Come to think of it, I’ve always been impressed by their product knowledge and product inventory. They carry earth-and-or-mama-friendly (and pricey) brands; everything from Aden and Anais bamboo sleepsacks to Medela bottle and breast pump accessories (often sold by the piece for your convenience!) I have sent many visiting moms to Natural Resources for emergency pump parts! Looking for a bottle brush? Need a refill on gripe water? Find it on their wall. Of course there are plenty of cute organic cotton clothes and wooden toys sprinkled throughout the store, too. Plus, this is the city’s mecca for fenugreek potions, i.e. homeopathic stuff to help you produce more breast milk. Take a look at their tea, bars and tinctures. We’ve all been there.

Since the baby-changing stations (yes, there’s more than one) are in the store rather than in a bathroom, be prepared to manage the poo with an audience. However, the changing stations are a bit more decked out than the usual and have a lot of creature comforts. They’re always stocked with unbleached cotton diaper cloths for beneath your loved one’s bum and lots and lots of wipes. They don’t provide diapers or hand-sanitizer. There’s also a small bathroom on sight for parents to clean up afterwards.

HOT FOODIE TIP: Parents don’t have to starve! So… Don’t even get me started on the number of delicious eateries walking distance from Natural Resources like Pi Bar (pizza and craft beer), Beretta (upscale Italian and hipster cocktails), Papalote (burritos) and Arizmendi (bakery coop) to name a few. Not to be missed!

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