Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eat This 2010! (2009's Holiday in Food)

Spicy's Home Cooking Foollage (food collage!)
click on the collage, full size version will open in the next tab

From Left to Right, from Top:

1st row: Wee Kalin Applejoy gets sushi from Melissa and Doug, Big Valley Bison burgers with Bi-rite cider vinegar slaw, Apple-Cherry Crumb pie from Nora's Pattisserie in Colma, Spicy's Citrus-craisin-poppyseed muffins, Christmas Eve Mac-n-Cheese (w low-carb cauliflower), a boneless dry-aged ribeye, Xmas Day Maple Oatmeal Pecan Scones.

2nd row: Maine Lobster Pose 1, SF Special: Sun Fat Dungeness Crab & Risotto w. Crispy root veg, Lobster's last hurrah, Price holiday table with lobster and pinot, lobster legs CU, Maine Lobster Pose 2, 2010's First NACHO Night!

3rd row: Maine Lobster Pose 2, Roasted roots for breakfast, Nora's Apple Cheery Pie-take 2, La Crema Pinot Noir and East Kilbride's Glen Cairn crystal, Maine Lobster Pose 1, Buffalo Burger with Slaw and French Fried Onions on a rich, Challah roll, What's a Spicy New York girl (in San Fran) without her ("new york style") morning bagel?

4th row: New Year Nachos-take 2- Warning: Contains highly addictive mix of seasoned ground bison and Monterey Jack achiote white pepper cheese sauce, Spicy's homemade take on Bakesale Betty's Fried Chicken Sandwich with Panko and Bi-rite Slaw, Giant Sous Chef's Noche Buena filet mignon, Butcher-tying and at-home dry-aging, Spicy makes ARANCINI, Real live Cast iron Caramelization, Maine Lobster mac-n-cheese ala SpicyBrowngirl Cooks!

Happy Delicious 2010!
(Check back for Spicy's Chinese New Year in San Francisco...)
Spicy wants to hear from you! If you're a homecook or a Spicygirl or have a mind filled with food-related thoughts, please let us know.
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Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year !!!

2010 New Year's Fireworks show

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