Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stay tuned for Spicy's Best of 2008...

Definitely on my list...Delicious Chocolate Panettone Pain Perdu.
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The IPR said...

Hey hey!!!!

Great to hear from you ;)

We ate at Dosa-on-Fillmore the other day: bigger menu, excellent food, big stuff.

What's your e-mail? You should be able to reply to mine...


Caspar said...

Hey Evelyn,

Wow, that;s so funny. I had just called UCSB to ask about his appearance there next month. I was planning to attend, but will instead be cooking myself.

If "tony" doesn't write his own copy, you surely could take on that job. Your words are inspiring and eloquent !

Hope you started the new year well and with good food and drink !

Much Love,