Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Something 'bout Spicy.

IN my favorite scene in the movie SIGNS, the camera cuts to Mel Gibson sitting at the head of the table presiding over his family at what he fears is their last meal together before being attacked by aliens. Double bacon cheeseburgers, greasy french fries, heaps of meaty spaghetti, stacks of buttery, syrupy pancakes and milkshakes all around clutter the family table...their hollywood faces stricken with impending doom. Met with the end-- What would you chew?

(a few of my) Last Meals on Earth: No Subsitutions Please!!@**

Mexicali Repast with bubbly and a late night trip to spain

- to some LOUD mariachi with accordions, omalara portuondo & andrés segovia.

  • Veuve Clicquot, Wild Strawberries and Blackberries.
  • Quesadilla con gambas ala parilla, carne asada, cilantro y queso fresco and mango-papaya salsa 'a mano' by someone’s loving abuela.
  • Whole red snapper grilled (deboned tableside), cilantro rice, heirloom black turtle beans, avocado crema.
  • red wine sangria (con banana, peaches and blackberries), rosado.
  • More strawberries, blackberries and french Champagne.
  • all night dancing in the island heat (to renew appetite).
  • churros y chocolate from café san gines, madrid, spain.

Memories of my Italian neighborhood
- to the arias of la Bohéme & madonna’s “borderline.”

Half a New York “Italian” on a roll with pepperocini, o&v, s&p. Side of eggplant parmesan, hot, garlic bread, limonata pellegrino.
3 slices of thin crust cheese pizza (from a wood-fired oven): one regular, one with black olives, garlic and extra tomato slices, the other with escarole, onion and anchovy.
A ½ litre of chianti classico, barolo or brunello di montalcino.
pistachio, chocolate hazelnut italian ice & a florentine cookie.

La Serra Moscato di asti or Bonny Doon vin di glaciere.

An American Melting pot feast with a final nod to Scotland & canada
- to “be bop,” billie holiday and mozart’s adagios, al fresco.

  • Grey goose poire and santa cruz cranberry juice, shaken, a few pomegranate seeds.
  • A litre of sparkling calistoga water.
  • Salad of arugula, friseé, roasted beets, tsatsuma supremes and chevre with meyer lemon vinaigraitte (made from northern and central valley california produce).
  • A few more glasses of sparkling calistoga water, cabernet franc (Rhone valley)
  • Linguine alla vongole, parsely, chili flake and lemon handmade by someone's loving Nonna.
  • Whole Steamed maine lobster, Steak Frites (ribeye and yukon shoestrings preferred)
  • Grilled artichokes, asparagus and fingerling potatoes, meyer lemon aioli
  • Scharffenberger Chocolate pudding, mint whipped cream and/or pistachio and chocolate hazelnut gelato with crushed almond biscotti.
  • Double shot espresso.
  • rest period.
  • Balvenie, double wood, single malt, with gentle massage.
  • A cigarette (export A – extra light silver), with a view. If it really is my last meal...
  • In the end, why not feast... with decadence and abandon!?

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